The Ultimate Medical Practice software

Every health care provider or practitioner has a host of tasks to manage each day. Studies conducted across the globe indicate that on average, most medical practitioners spend a very large part of their entire work day taking care of the many ancillary tasks such as medical office billing, filing and management of insurance claims billing, scheduling and rescheduling patient visits, creating and maintaining health records for patients, monitoring progress/medication details, etc. that are part of running a busy, successful practice. The studies also indicate that the percentage of practitioners using electronic data management systems, like medical practice software, is quite small. Unfortunately, these tasks take the practitioner or health care provider away from the primary and most important task of providing quality care to the patients who come to them with their various health problems. Understandably, this usually trickles down to the patient directly and may also cause negative perception in a patient’s mind.

The above considerations generated an urgent need for electronic/automated physician practice management solutions or some kind of medical practice management software. After studying such precise needs of health care providers across the globe, innovative companies like Quick Practice have developed specific medical practice management solutions that can automate a host of activities which practitioners and their staff take care of during a typical work day. This medical practice management software can help practitioners automate their entire practice and create an efficient, paper free office. This not only helps to cut costs substantially, it also vastly enhances the way your patients perceive your brand and the care they receive.

What are the Primary Features of the Billing Management Medical Software

QuickPractice’s medical practice accounting software takes care of a wide range of needs pertaining to the practitioners’ daily list of office chores. Apart from helping you with soft out activities like scheduling visits and maintaining health care data for each patient, the software also provides complete support in the form of a sophisticated financial ledger; helping you create and monitor a range of bills, balance etc. Take a quick look at some of the unique features that your physician practice management software can deliver:

  • Quick-Charge Entry System with functions like ‘Recall Last Visit’
  • Quick-Payment Entry System – for complete control to apply payments to specific procedures
  • Patient Super Bills that enable you to generate Patient (Super) Bills or 30/60/90 Patient Statements
  • Quick payment receipts for patients on demand
  • Transactions shown for Patient, Insurance or Both
  • Specifying date ranges to filter searches
  • Showing balance forwarding
  • Managing insurance billing (insert pre-printed HCFA-1500 forms or let QuickPractice print the form for you)
  • Daysheet Reporting (see per patient totals for charges, billings, payments and write-offs)
  • Accounts Receivable Reporting (see per patient Accounts Receivable totals including 30/60/90/Over 90 columns)
  • Codes Management: QuickPractice allows you to organize and maintain Diagnosis, Procedure, Dispensing, Place of Service, Type of Service, & Modifier Codes; giving you full control over any revisions
  • Lists Management: Lists of Referring Providers, Insurance Carriers, Occupations, Claim Types.

Available in different versions – Standard, Deluxe and Professional- QuickPractice’s Medical Practice Accounting Software is completely HIPAA compliant. This ensures that all of your important data is encrypted and safe and that the information is passed on only to the right person after prior approval.

Complete support for your physician practice management software

How would you like to have your own practice management team working for you for FREE? Our All Inclusive Support Plan includes our all-powerful QuickConnect Service. When you are in need of technical assistance, we can connect directly to your computer in real-time and help to resolve any problem related to your billing management and medical software; promptly and efficiently. It’s like having a professional tech support team right in your office! This ensures that there are no delays due to technical problems using the medical practice accounting software or due to trouble-shooting requirements.

The comprehensive support also ensures that your chiropractic practice management software is kept updated, with the latest requirements and improvements that are carried out continually in our technical labs. This ensures that you have the latest, most updated features on the medical practice accounting software.

With a comprehensive list of features which encompasses the entire range of services that a health care provider or practitioner may be providing, the medical practice management software ensures that the practitioner and his/her staff uses their time efficiently. It also ensures that your valued patients get the best care experience ever.