What is medical scheduling software ?

Healthcare providers and their staff spend a substantial amount of time each day in scheduling, tracking, canceling and rescheduling appointments. Delays and adjustments on the part of patients and healthcare providers create further confusion and wastage of precious time. This is a fairly serious problem for busy practitioners like you who are left battling to achieve the overall aim of providing quality care to their patients while also ensuring growth to be able to further improve infrastructure and efficiency.

We at QuickPractice have been studying these specific and very urgent needs of practitioners across the globe and have developed systematic, integrated solutions that fit the exact requirement of every health care provider we serve. Our medical scheduling software and electronic medical billing solutions provide comprehensive support for a range of processes, both primary and ancillary, that are important and influence the entire system.

QuickPractice’s professional medical scheduling software not only leaves more time for a practitioner to spend with his/her patients, it also improves the overall perception and experience of the patients. Needless to mention; delayed appointments and inefficiently managed schedules for patient visits create a lasting negative impact on patients who may try to move to a healthcare provider who may have an efficient scheduling and tracking system/software or a much bigger staff to take care of it. After all, time is precious for the patient and even more so for a busy practitioner like you!

QuickPractice provides the ideal medical office management software

QuickPractice’s efficient medical appointment scheduling software allows you to arrange different schedules on different days, set different appointment durations depending on the purpose of the visit, and provides for easy changes on the fly. Correlating the type of visit and specific patient requirements helps the schedule dynamically adjust to the changing environment of a busy physician’s day. Apart from helping you streamline scheduling and medical office billing, the medical scheduling software also provides readily available reports and records that allow management to analyze relevant statistics and identify areas that need improvement so that you can maximize the use of reimbursable resources and improve patient satisfaction. The medical office management software also ensures better security by providing specific user-based logins and hierarchies.

What features does a medical office billing software offer?

Take a look at some of the features QuickPractice’s medical appointment scheduling software can offer:

  • Pop-up Practice Reminder: The unique medical office billing software offers a valuable Practice Reminder that serves as a multi-function alarm clock. This gives you instant access to information such as unbilled visits, missed appointments, date of last backup, etc.
  • Advanced Appointment Calendar Functions: Recurring, Find Next, & Waiting List are a few of the powerful features you’ll have in the Color coded Appointment Scheduler.
  • Memorized Transactions: Repeat visits are a snap with Memorized Transactions. The unique feature allows you to combine Charge & Payment Entries in a single one-step process, saving you substantial time and effort.
  • Professional Patient Billing: Maximize Patient billing functions & capability through electronic office billing. Print Next Appointment, Record Patient Admin Note, add Custom Billing Messages and more.
  • Patient Travel Sheet/Card: Print out a travel sheet for a comprehensive reference as you prepare to treat patients. Includes current Rx, record of previous visits, correspondences, payment information and future appointments.
  • Total Password Protection: Allow user level security password protection to restrict users to certain functions, giving you complete control over your practice management.
  • Custom Reporting Tool: The custom reporting tool is an extremely useful feature of the medical office management software and allows you to have virtually any Report at your fingertips with our easy-to-use Custom Report Generator.
  • Graphical Practice Statistics: Get a comprehensive look at your practice with a full range of graphical statistics. Colorful graphs and charts correlate and display data from every segment of your practice.
  • Patient-Relationship Marketing: Show patients you care. Specialized marketing routines will create postcards, mailing labels or a telephone list in seconds, to help you build patient relationships.
  • Multiple Fee Scheduling: Allow each Procedure Code to remember different fees for different Case Types.

The above features reflect only a part of the capabilities of the medical office billing software which can prove to be extremely helpful in making your entire range of medical office billing and scheduling tasks less time consuming. With around the clock technical support and complete upgradation at no extra cost, the medical appointment scheduling software or office management software is a boon for every busy practitioner.