QuickPractice Standard
Actually, it’s far from standard!

Standard Program Features:

  • Patient Records/Charting
    View extensive patient records, with full patient information in a logical fashion at the click of a mouse.Medical Software - Patient Info Screen
  • Maintain Administrative Patient File Notes
    Have patient file notes available for quick viewing and printing from any screen.
    Practice Management Software - Patient File Notes
  • Maintain Patient Guarantors
    Label files with their guarantors and keep your billing professional and pristine.
  • Maintain Patient Referrals
    Record on a patient’s file how he/she was referred.
  • Quick-Charge Entry System
    With functions like ‘Recall Last Visit,’ QuickPractice boasts the best Visit Entry interface.Chiropractic Software - Enter Charges Screen
  • Quick-Payment Entry System
    You’ll have complete control to apply payments to specific procedures. Click the ‘Auto-Apply’ or ‘Apply-Evenly’ buttons to speed you through your day.
  • Patient Bills/Patient Statements Generate Patient Bills or 30/60/90 day Patient Statements, #10 window envelope ready. Exclude Patients with zero balances. What was once a bother is now a breeze
  • Patient Receipts
    Print receipts on demand for patients.
  • Patient Statements
    Show Transactions for Pat/Ins/Both, specify any Date Range, show Balance Forward.
  • Insurance Billing
    QuickPractice gives you these insurance billing options: a) Insert pre-printed HCFA/CMS – 1500 forms; b) Let QuickPractice print the form for you, or c) Sign up for our optional electronic billing service and let us handle submissions for you.
  • Daysheet Reporting
    See per-patient totals for charges, billings, payments and write-offs.
  • Accounts Receivable Reporting
    See per-patient Accounts Receivable totals, including 30/60/90/Over 90 columns.
  • Codes Management
    QuickPractice allows you to organize and maintain Diagnosis, Procedure, Dispensing, Place of Service, Type of Service and Modifier Codes, giving you full control over adding or changing them.
    Codes - Medical claims Software
  • Lists Management
    Lists of Referring Providers, Insurance Carriers, Occupations, Claim Types and more, help you with faster data entry and lookups.