Electronic Billing & Support Services

Improve Cash-Flow & Enhance
the Financial Strength of Your Practice

Electronic Billing

  • Reduce claims payment turnaround to 7-14 days instead of 3-4 months.
  • Reduce clerical errors to 2% with electronic billing, instead of 35% commonly associated with paper claims. Just one click and our on-site Clearinghouse does the work.
  • Get paid faster on more claims due to less errors and re-submissions.
  • Reduce clerical and administrative costs.
  • E-Billing formats are now approved and mandated by Congress.
  • All staff training included.
  • Software support and claims submission support for one low monthly fee.

A study by the American Medical Association estimates that the cost of filing a paper claim averages $6-$12 dollars. Compare this cost to using QuickPractice’s Premium Office Package – Software support and claims submission support for one low, monthly price. QuickPractice submits claims electronically to the carrier via your Internet connection after our Clearinghouse checks the accuracy of each claim. This process reduces the average claims rejection rate from 30-35% to 1-2%.

Premium Office Package (POP)

Monthly fees begin at only $79.99


Our technical support includes UNLIMITED…

  • Support / trainings for current / new Employees
    On-line training classes are available 3 days/week, plus unlimited calls as needed.
  • Practice Management Guidelines
    Need help with networking your computers…or want advice on the best way to set up your database…or your computer has crashed and you’re not sure what to do? Our support team will guide you through your practice management needs.
  • Updates / New Version Releases
    When was the last time you saw a software company include their updates or new version releases in their support? This is one of the things that sets QuickPractice apart from our competitors.
  • QuickCONNECT – safely connecting to your PC to assist you
    Example: you call us with questions about how a certain feature works in QuickPractice; we simply connect to your computer to show you. It’s like having us in your office, you get “instant gratification” – no waiting for someone to travel to your site.


As your clearinghouse for electronic billing, we train and do a trial run with you before going live. Your payment will be shortened by up to 50% with our instant claim status based on over 800 continually updated inhouse Payer Edits*. With a click of a button, see a claim’s history in real time. Average claim acceptance is over 98%. Enjoy the convenience of dealing with one company for your practice management and electronic billing needs.
*Below is a representation of what our eClaims Scrubber/Processor/Editor does:

  • Complete/Total Integration with QuickPractice
  • Data encrypted to HIPAA standard before delivered
  • Claims delivered in background process completely blind to user
  • Claims checked for X12 accuracy
  • Claims checked for duplicate
  • ICD-9 Codes, CPT-4 Codes & HCPCS checked for accuracy
  • Specific Carrier Edits
  • System can be dynamically improved for any future Carrier Edits

QuickPractice is 100% HIPAA-compliant

Health Insurance and Portability Act (HIPAA) mandated the electronic transmission of integral financial and administrative transactions, including billing, electronic claims processing, eligibility, and payment and remittance advice.

Premium Office Package PLUS (POP PLUS)

Monthly fees begin at only $99.99

All the services of our Premium Office Package


Reduce hours of time holding on the line for insurance eligibility and verification. With one click the available information from the payer appears on your screen within seconds.


View remittance advice info inside of QuickPractice. No more waiting for paper EOBs in the mail.

With a simple click of a button,
you’re done!

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