QuickPractice Deluxe
Extra Enhancements for Extra Control

All of the features of the Standard Program,
PLUS these 13 features:

  • Password Protected
    Control who can access your data stored in QuickPractice.
  • Appointment Calendar
    A sophisticated method of keeping track of all data related to scheduling. Setting an appointment is as simple as clicking on the date and time. Set as many appointments as you wish for any time slot or interval.
  • Customizable User Fields
    Create specific fields that supply important information for your reference. (Spanish Speaking, etc.)
  • Manage and Track Insurance Policy Information
    Policy Information, Deductibles, Percent Covered, Patient/Insurance Co-Pay, Start/Stop dates and Allowable Visits are automatically updated.
  • Multi-Case Management
    Treat patients for multiple cases at one time, all managed within the same record.
  • True Ledger
    Our True Ledger gives you a chronological representation of Charges vs. Payments.
  • Over 17,000 Codes
    You’ll receive over 17,000 ICD, HCPCS, Place of Service, Type of Service, and Modifiers. QuickPractice allows you to create your own personal list for your practice.
  • S.O.A.P. Notes This feature speeds you through writing Subjective-Objective-Assessment-Plan notes. Create multiple sets of master notes to rapidly produce complete individual observations (in your own words) without cumbersome, inconvenient bar codes or often-inappropriate ‘canned’ notes.
  • Advanced Patient Billing
    Enhanced functions to give you more control over your patient billing, such as specific provider, specific patient and specific case type.
  • Third-Party Billing
    Control who should receive patient bills and statements if the patient is not the one responsible.
  • Advanced Insurance Billing
    Enhanced functions to give you more control over your insurance billing, such as specific case type, specific provider, specific visit date.
  • Advanced Reporting
    Gain more control over your financial destiny with quick and easy Charge, Billing and Payment Reports.
  • Advanced Data Viewing
    All Codes, Lists and Providers have a ‘Query’ and ‘Report’ function to see all patients using that item (i.e., see all Medicare-only patients).