Frequently Asked Questions

1. What version of QuickPractice will I receive for my trial period?

During your trial period, you will be able to experience the full capabilities of all three programs — Standard, Deluxe, and Professional. Then you can evaluate how important the specific features of each program will be for your practice. Once you choose the software which best fits your needs you may purchase and register it.

2. If I purchase the QuickPractice Standard program, can I upgrade to the Deluxe or Professional program later and continue using the data I have already created?

Absolutely! Any version of QuickPractice can use the data from any other version of QuickPractice. If you would like to upgrade call us at 800-676-EASY or email us.


3. Do I have to pay for you to train my staff during the 30-day free trial period?

Absolutely not! We treat you just like a paying customer and train your staff during your trial period at no charge. Even though you’ll find that QuickPractice is easy to use and very intuitive, we want you to have the best possible experience during your free trial. Our free tele-staff training will guarantee it. Our staff is in-house (not overseas), and they are experienced trainers. Free staff training during your trial period is one of the many benefits we offer our prospective customers and a benefit that other leading medical software companies don’t provide.

4. How long has QuickPractice been on the market?

We opened our doors in 1988 with the goal of creating an easier, more efficient way for busy medical practices to control, manage and grow their businesses. Over the years, we’ve stayed on top of the many changes in laws and regulations that govern the health services industry, and we reflect those important changes in our regular updates and new versions of QuickPractice.

5. How different are the three versions of QuickPractice?

The QuickPractice Standard program has 34 features that eliminate the tedious paperwork that can overwhelm a busy practice, including Patient Records/Charting, Quick-Charge Entry System, and Electronic Billing.

The QuickPractice Deluxe program has nearly twice as many features as the Standard, including Appointment Calendar, True Ledger, Advanced Reporting, Advanced Patient Billing, and over 17,000 Updated Codes.

The QuickPractice Professional program has over twice as many features as the Deluxe, including Integration with QuickBooks PRO, Batch Payment Entry, Total Practice Statistics, Customized Graphical Charts and Patient Relationship Marketing.

CLICK HERE to see a Comparison Chart showing the features of each program.

6. Will QuickPractice work on my computer?

Our system requirements are 512 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, Pentium IIII (or 2.66 GHZ), Windows 2000 or newer, including Vista.We are not compatible with Mac computers.

7. Do I have to pay for upgrades for my version of QuickPractice?

If you have purchased QuickSUPPORT, our all-inclusive Service & Support Plan, future updates of QuickPractice – will be completely free!

8. What happens if I buy one station of QuickPractice and later want to add another user?

You’ll pay just $200 for each additional computer to access the full program.  For those using a Windows or Citrix servers, call 800.676.3279 for special pricing.

9. How many providers can I use with QuickPractice ?

You may have as many providers as needed. You may even create multiple databases, this is especially beneficial for billing companies.

10. Can I continue using the data I create during the trial period?

Yes! You can set up your data file, enter charges and create claims during your trial period. Your data will be completely intact and ready for use when you decide to purchase QuickPractice.

11. Can I convert data from my current program to QuickPractice?

Yes, we can convert your patient demographic information from your current program to QuickPractice. In most cases we can also transfer insurance information. Financial data cannot be converted. Please call our sales department at 1-800-676-3279 for pricing and specific details.

12. How can QuickPractice help me submit claims electronically?

Approximately 30 – 35% of all paper claims are rejected due to typing errors, oversights and other mistakes. QuickPractice submits your claims electronically to the carrier via the Internet after our own in-house Clearinghouse checks each for accuracy. This time-saving E-Billing feature reduces the average claims rejection rate to 1 or 2% and reduces claims payment turn-around time from several months to two to three weeks. This single feature helps medical practices stabilize cash flow. E-Billing saves you money, too. An American Medical Association study estimated that filing a paper claim costs between $6 and $12 per claim. Compare this to the savings you’ll enjoy using QuickPractice for one, low, monthly price.

13. How does QuickCONNECT support work?

Imagine having a professional practice management IT department at your fingertips whenever you need assistance. If you have a high-speed internet connection, we can connect directly to your PC in a secure and efficient manner to assist you. Our customers love this service!

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