Physical Therapy Software and Tips for an Efficient Office

Most physical therapists who learn about software and technological enhancements designed to optimize their practice have a few misgivings. The most important ones being:

  • Do I need healthcare software and how worthwhile is it to invest in technologies like physical therapy software?
  • How inconvenient will it be to change the billing and overall management methodology?
  • Will I need to invest in a technologically-savvy staff in order to move towards a software-driven medical office billing?
  • How much time would an installation take?
  • How expensive is after-sales support?
  • Will I need to buy an expensive maintenance/support service after installing physical therapy software?

At QuickPractice we understand all of your concerns and have developed products and services that will make the entire process of deciding, selecting, installing and training a simple transition. Our experienced staff can help you understand the different features of your physical therapy software, as well as how to use those features to easily manage a variety of activities which are otherwise very time consuming. The list of features that QuickPractice’s healthcare software offers includes:

  • Robust Reporting
  • Sophisticated E-Billing
  • Unsurpassed Security
  • Instant Claim History
  • Full Financial Statistics
  • Extremely Fast Visit Entry
  • Point & Click Insurance Billing
  • Integrated Appointment Calendar

How specialty-specific is physical therapy software?

Apart from providing the above, our physical therapy billing technology also ensures that these features are specific and relevant to your practice. This means that whether you are a cardiologist, pathologist, gynecologist or a specialist in any of the different medical fields, QuickPractice’s affordable physical therapy software will provide customized features that are relevant to you and your practice’s individual needs.

Our comprehensive medical software includes everything you need to effectively automate your office including medical claims management, physical therapy billing, electronic insurance billing, as well as every other important aspect of medical practice management. Since QuickPractice has been providing quality medical management and electronic billing systems to the healthcare industry for over 14 years, all versions (Standard, Deluxe, and Professional) of its physician electronic billing carry a user-friendly interface, clear-cut navigation and step-by-step instructions. This makes sure that your staff spends the least possible time in learning how to use the billing software. If you’re not sure how this doctor billing system will work for you, we offer a 30-Day Trial Period in order to allow you to experience the power and flexibility you need to successfully manage your physician billing. QuickPractice also provides free staff training during your trial period!

How does the physician billing software tackle technology changes?

At QuickPractice, we make sure that our software is updated regularly by monitoring your needs, changes in computer technology, healthcare regulations and office management techniques. This constant research, development and programming make every feature of our physical therapy billing software in tune and up to date. The best part is that once the software is installed, you don’t have to pay for these upgrades! They are provided to you free of charge.

The advantages of employing QuickPractice’s physical therapy billing software are include:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Higher Profitability
  • Automated Workflow
  • Free Employee Training
  • Unparalleled Support
  • One Company, Every Service
  • Decreased Collections
  • Proven Track Record

Apart from the above advantages, our services and products, such as the physician billing software, also take into consideration HIPAA pre-requisites. This guarantees that patient information is provided ONLY after the patient has authorized its release. Ensuring the privacy of these records during electronic transmission requires software to securely encode the transmitted records thereby preventing unauthorized personnel from obtaining patient information.

QuickPractice also has a list of specific E-services that include QuickBilling, QuickPay, QuickConnect, QuickSites, QuickSave, QuickCalls, and QuickPrint. These services, meant for automating and energizing specific areas of your practice, promise complete freedom from direct personal involvement in time-consuming tasks and facilitate your physician electronic billing tasks efficiently and reliably.

Imagine getting all of these advantages in a physicians managed care software with the highest return on investment and without sacrificing quality or usability! All you need to do is talk to us at QuickPractice. Our experienced team will assess your specific needs and help you to select the most relevant version (Standard, Deluxe or Professional) of physical therapy billing software. With a fully equipped technical support team to calm and answer all of the questions and concerns you may have during and after the installation of the physician billing technology, we assure you the smoothest, quickest shift to a simple, efficient and paperless office space!