Why use an Electronic Medical Record System?

The health care industry has changed tremendously over the past two decades. This is essentially because of the sharp increase in the number of diseases, both chronic and otherwise, seeming to have put a huge demand on the limited healthcare resources across the globe. The steadily increasing stress, air/water pollution, better connectivity and cheaper travel options have made the actual incidences and spread of disease far worse than it has ever been. Add to this, the strict regulatory norms that require healthcare providers to keep tough-to-maintain standards of service. In such a scenario, physicians work under constantly increasing pressure to provide quality care to more and more patients every day. However, what makes it tougher is that most practitioners have to deal with an additional burden of ancillary, yet important services like insurance claims billing, medical claims management, as well as maintaining/updating of healthcare records that take a substantial amount of time and leave them with lesser time for quality sessions with their patients. It also requires hiring a larger support team within the office to assist in these activities.

Electronic Medical Record System: The Ideal Option

The above considerations make automating these essential activities a necessity, more than a choice. A reliable electronic medical billing software can take a tremendous load off busy practitioners like you. Not only will it require fewer people to manage the range of office chores, it has the ability to drastically increase the overall efficiency and output, turning it into a paperless, more profitable practice. The success stories are many and increasing. To take an example, one hospital in Mountain View California issued 97% of all their medical orders through healthcare software. With an electronic ordering system, they have estimated that medical errors have been in a steady and substantial decline since they began the installation of healthcare software.

The market today has a number of options for making your medical records electronic. Before you invest in an electronic medical records software, you should clearly assess your requirements and how it is likely to grow in the future. This can be done by having an established service provider do a quick analysis of your practice needs. Once this is done, you need to find a reliable name in the electronic medical record software market that can take care of all of your needs.

Finding a Reliable Electronic Medical Billing and Records Management Solution

QuickPractice has been providing customized variations of seamless, integrated electronic medical record systems and electronic medical billing software for more than two decades. We have been helping medical practices, like yours, automate their operations and navigate the challenging waters of practice management workflow, for nearly 20 years. Our products and services promote informed decision-making, increased efficiency, and ultimately higher quality patient care at a lower cost.

Electronic Billing Software: Essential Features and Benefits

The essential features of QuickPractice’s electronic medical billing include:

  • Robust Reporting
  • Sophisticated E-Billing
  • Unsurpassed Security
  • Instant Claim History
  • Full Financial Statistics
  • Extremely Fast Visit Entry
  • Point & Click Insurance Billing
  • Integrated Appointment Calendar
  • Specialty Specific

The advantages of installing QuickPractice’s electronic medical billings management software will be apparent within days. With a number of benefits like Increased Efficiency and Profitability, Automated Workflow, Free Employee Training, Unparalleled and Prompt Support, a Range of Services for all automation related needs, Decreased Collections, HIPAA Compliance and a Proven Track Record to enjoy, QuickPractice’s electronic billing software can undoubtedly be called your ideal partner.

The electronic billing software is competent enough to keep track of your services, procedures, supplies, insurance claims, and much more. The electronic medical billing software can even help you transfer your payments received directly into your QuickBooks checking account or income account, eliminating DDE (double data entry), minimizing errors, and saving countless amounts of time and money for your practice.

Available in different versions which can be customized to suit your specific practice needs, the benefits of installing the QuickPractice electronic billing software does not end with installation. We have a highly skilled team that takes care of all upgrades and fine-tuning needs that arise after installation of the electronic medical records software. Our support team is trained to address and also solve any issues generally within the same workday. We also have a 30-day trial period and provide all training required for using the automated electronic medical billing system.