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Features Description Standard Deluxe Professional
Multi-Provider/Practice Ready Add multiple providers to a single database. Manage multiple practice databases. check check check
Network Ready Multiple workstations can access the same information. check check check
Patient Records/Charting View patient records full of extensive patient information. check check check
HIPAA Compliant 100% HIPPA compliancy. check check check
Import Function Import patient demographics from your previous software. check check check
Training Tutorials QuickPractice gives you three free tutorials within the software. check check check
Online Training Classes 3 Online training classes each week. check check check
Windows Compatible Windows 2000 and later, including Vista. check check check
Website Support Email us direct from our website or from within the software itself. check check check
Free Tele-Training All support subscriptions, as well as trial-version requests, receive unlimited telephone training on QuickPractice. check check check
Record Patient Admin Notes Each entry to a patient’s file is logged in the file notes, or add a special note yourself. check check check
Customizable User Fields For each patient, you can create specific fields that supply important information for your reference. check check
Multi-Case Management Treat patients for multiple cases as one-time-all managed within the same record. check check
S.O.A.P. Notes Speed through writing the Subjective/Objective/Assessment/Procedure. Create multiple sets of master notes to rapidly produce complete, individual observations (in your own words) without cumbersome, inconvenient bar codes or often-inappropriate wording. check check
Password Protection Protect your system and allow only designated staff to access the system. check check
Total Password Protection
User-Level Security
Allow and restrict specific functions per user within the program. check
Pop-up Practice Reminders A unique Practice reminder that serves as a multi-function alarm clock. Have instant access to information such as Unbilled Visits, Missed Appointments, date of Last Backup, etc. check
Patient Relationship Marketing Show patients you care. Specialized marketing routines will create Postcards, Mailing Labels, and more to say Happy Birthday, Thank you for your Referral, Appointment reminders, etc. to help build patient relationships. check
Patient Travel Sheet/Card Print a comprehensive reference as you prepare to treat patients. Include current diagnoses, record of previous visits, correspondences, payment info, and future appointments. check
Employee Time Clock Keep track of employee house for easier payroll with our build in Time Clock. check
Digital Patient Photo Storage Take a picture or scan an insurance card to be stored in patient's file. check
Credit Card/Debit Card Processing/Integration When entering payments, automatically process major credit cards (Visa,MC, etc.). check
Integrates with QuickBooksPRO Share your QuickPractice data with QuickBooks-C. check
On-Demand Forms Generator Print the forms you need as you need them. Generate Sign-in sheets, Assignment Authorization, Initial/Progress/Final Reports, S-Ray Releases, and more, by instantly merging practice and patient data where applicable. check

Insurance Billing

Features Description Standard Deluxe Professional
Insurance Billing Insert pre-printed CMS-1500 forms, or let QuickPractice print the form for you. check check check
Electronic Billing Solution With QuickBilling, you get paid faster with less time in Billing. check check check
Code Management Organize and maintain diagnosis, procedure, place of service, type of service and modifier codes with full control over adding or changing them. check check check
Full control over every
CMS-1500 field
You have the power to modify each CMS-1500 field. check check check
Unlimited DX Codes Per Patient Enter as many DX codes as needed for a patient with no limitation, and dismiss any codes that you no longer need for that patient. check check check
Manage/Track Insurance
Policy Information
Policy information, deductibles, percent covered, patient/insurance co-pay, start/stop dates, and allowable visit limits are automatically updated. check check
Deductibles/% Covered/Co-Pay Select/show any Deductibles/ Percent Covered/ Co-Pay and any difference between first and other visits (if applicable). check check
Specific Case Type Ins Billing Choose a specific case type to bill all at one time. check check
Specific Provider Ins Billing For multiple providers, you can send your claims by provider as well as all providers at once. check check
Specific Visit Date Ins Billing Select the specific dates you would like to submit. check check
Over 17,000 Codes Receive over 17,000 ICD 9 and HCPC’s, Place of Service, and Modifier codes updated-yearly to create a personal list for your practice. check check
Policy Verification Signature Enter the signature for the policy verification. check
Multiple Fee Scheduling Allow each Procedure Code to remember different fees for different Case Types. check
Bill Specific
Patient Lists / Ins Carriers
Bill Specific Visit Max/Min check
Bill Specific Treatment Codes check
Rebills/Tracers check
Batch Payment Entry One payment from an Insurance Carrier posted to many patients. check

Patient Billing

Features Description Standard Deluxe Professional
Quick-Charge Entry System With functions like “Recall Last Visit,” we boast about having the fastest charge entry system. check check check
Line Item Payments Apply the payment amount to any specific service line. check check check
Quick-Payments With functions like “Auto Apply” and “Apply Evenly,” your payments entry will be a breeze. check check check
Patient SuperBills check check check
Patient Statements 30/60/90 patient statements, #10 window envelope-ready. check check check
Maintain Patient Guarantors Label files with patients’ guarantors and keep your billing professional and clean. check check check
Print Payment Receipts Print a receipt for your patient immediately at the time of payment. check check check
True Ledger Our true ledger gives you a chronological representation of charges vs. payments. check check
Specific Case Type Patient Billing Choose a specific case type to bill all at one time. check check
Third-Party Billing Control who should receive Patient Bills and Statements if the patient is not the responsible party. check check
Print next appointment on bill check
Add custom Billing Message check


Features Description Standard Deluxe Professional
Daysheet Reporting See per-patient totals for charges, billing, payments, write-offs, transfers, applied credits and refunds. check check check
Accounts Receivables Reporting See per-patient accounts receivable totals including 30/60/90 and over 90-day totals. check check check
List Management Lists of referring providers, insurance carriers, occupations, claim types, and more for faster data entry and lookups. check check check
Report by Provider/Date sensitive Look up specific information by provider, or generate reports that are provider- specific. check check check
Maintain Patient Referrals Record to a patient’s file how that patient was referred and track those referrals. check check check
Advanced Reporting You will gain more control over your financial destiny with our quick-and-easy Charge, Billing and Payments Report. Plus, gain Write-offs, Transfers, Unapplied Payments, and Unbilled Services Report. check check
Query & Report Functions
Obtain a report or query relevant information pertaining to the specified list. check check
Advanced Data Reporting All Codes, Lists and Providers have a Query and Report function to see all patients using that particular item (i.e. patients on Medicare). check check
Advanced Charges Report check check
Advanced Billing Report check check
Payments Received Report check check
Export Function Export Reports in popular data formats (excel,csv,etc.). check
Custom Reporting Tool check
Graphical Practice Statistics Get a comprehensive look at your practice with a full range of Graphical Statistics. Colorful graphs and charts correlate and display data from every segment of your practice. check


Features Description Standard Deluxe Professional
Appointment Calendar Our Appointment Calendar is a sophisticated method of keeping track of all data related to scheduling. check check
Appointment Provider Reports Print your providers appointments, for one provider or multiple providers. check check
Missed, Cancelled, Rescheduled
Appt Report
Print your Missed/Cancelled/Rescheduled Appointment Report. check check
Appointment Day Report Print all your appointments for one specific day. check check
Multiple Provider/Resource
Appointment Calendar
Have multiple Providers and/or resources for which you may set appointments. check check
Multiple Location Calendar Keep track of multiple locations. check check
Preview Patient Appt Schedule Preview and Print all the appointments for any specific patient. check check
Set Office Block Out Times check check
Advanced Appt Calendar Enjoy additional functions like color coding/special shifts within your calendar. check
Recurring Appointments Repeat visits are a snap with Recurring Appointment feature and print a schedule for your patient to keep. check
Appointment types by color check
Appointment Duration Specify the typical duration for each appointment type, modify check
Time Slots You create the calendars scheduling increments, i.e. 10, 15, 30 etc. min increments. check

Printable Chart

Printable Chart

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