The Complete Medical Management Software by QuickPractice

Medical management softwares have changed the way we look at running a practice. Not only does it help in saving a substantial amount of time managing endless paperwork and follow-up, it also saves thousands of dollars in hiring a skilled work force to tackle a number of tasks that require absolute precision, fault-free inputs and systematic tracking.

Many health care providers, however, are still apprehensive about installing such medical management software. In many instances, this is because the practitioners feel that learning to use such patient management software would take a lot of time, effort and training. Some may be so used to the more traditional way of managing that they may hesitate to move to a completely automated set-up. Others may feel that the cost of such an investment would be too much.

At QuickPractice, we understand these concerns and have created our products and services to suit the different types of practices and user needs. Our R&D (Research and Development) and QC (Quality Check) processes have been streamlined to ensure that each medical manager software solution is tested meticulously for easy-to-understand directions, terminology and overall user-friendliness. Additionally, we have a competent support team to take care of any issues that may come up while installing or using the medical manager billing software.

Even before we recommend a particular patient management software, we provide you with all the necessary objective data like, comparisons with other brand options available in the market, finance options, features, future upgrades and after-sales support. All you need to do is call us, or chat live through our site with one of our representatives and we will address every question or doubt that you may have.

Sample QuickPractice’s Medical Manager Software for FREE!

If you’re still having trouble deciding about installing the medical management software, call us and sign up for the 30-day FREE trial. The trial is an excellent way to experience first-hand, how the patient management software would help you in a range of daily office chores. The 30-day trial would also include FREE training for your staff by our technical support team.

Once you have sampled the unmatched features of the patient management software, our representatives will familiarize you with the specific features of each of the three versions- Standard, Deluxe and Premium. We will offer assistance to allow you to select the product most suited for your practice’s size and needs.

QuickPractice also offers a range of competitively priced e-services such as QuickBilling, QuickPay, QuickConnect, QuickSave, QuickCalls and QuickPrint, enabling practices of all sizes to capitalize on the latest in software-based practice management. These e-services can be seamlessly connected with your personal medical software to provide the perfect solution for many of your tedious office chores.

Created to promote informed decision-making, increased efficiency, and ultimately higher quality patient care, each of these patient management software services have been competitively priced to provide the best value at the lowest possible cost.

The Perfect Personal Medical Software for Any Kind of practice

QuickPractice’ s medical manager billing softwares have been helping medical practices to automate their operations and navigate the challenging waters of practice management workflow for nearly 20 years. Our meticulously developed personal medical software solutions offer a wide range of features that can be customized to address any of the medical office billing and management needs of various different practices. Take a look at some of the features that the medical manager software may include:

  • Total Password Protection for complete control over your practice management.
  • Pop-up Practice Reminder that serves as a multi-function alarm clock.
  • Import and Export data from or to QuickPractice with other programs, such as Microsoft Word, Access, etc.
  • Advanced Appointment Calendar Functions
  • Batch Payment Entry: One Payment from Insurance Carrier to many Patients.
  • Memorized Transactions
  • Professional Patient Billing
  • Professional Insurance Billing
  • Custom Reporting Tools for generating any report.
  • Graphical Practice Statistics
  • Patient-Relationship Marketing: create postcards, mailing labels or a telephone lists.
  • Multiple Fee Scheduling
  • On-Demand Forms Generator
  • Store Digital Photos of your patient in a patient’s file.
  • Patient Travel Sheet/Card for a comprehensive reference as you prepare to treat patients. Includes current rx, record of previous visits, correspondences, payment info, and future appointments.
  • Employee Time Clock: Keep track of employees’ hours for easier payroll with our built in time clock.
  • Assess finance charges to Patient Files that are overdue.
  • Inventory Control for on-the-fly account of any item you want to monitor.

The above list is only some of the features that a medical manager billing software could offer and may change with different versions and customizations. Please speak with one of our representative at 1-800-676-EASY (3279) or write to us at for more information.