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What can you expect from QuickPractice?

  • Process more claims in less time.
  • Reduce cash flow nightmares.
  • Create multi practice/provider data files.
  • Accomplish more without hiring more.
  • Track claims throughout the claim’s pay cycle.
  • Produce in-depth reports for your clients.
  • Increase productivity & profits!

Reduce your claims payment time from several months
to 7-14 days with our optional e-billing services.

QuickPractice is your efficiency expert.
Helping your clients get paid faster is just one way QuickPractice software makes life easier for you. Billing companies love our software and services because our pricing is not determined by the number of clients/providers you bill for. Also, our optional Integrated Electronic services, help streamline your billing process. We don’t “pass the buck” and tell our clients to call the clearinghouse. We offer full support to help you get your clients’ claims processed and paid as soon as possible!

QuickPractice is loaded with unique benefits:

  • Our 30-Day Free Trial includes free staff training!
  • Easy-to-understand, intuitive and logical program. You’ll use it confidently from the very beginning.
  • In-house affordable customer support – not overseas
  • Optional Integrated clearinghouse
  • On-line “QuickCONNECT” support and self-paced tutorials

Enjoy these powerful QuickPractice features*:

  • Standard, Deluxe or Professional programs – upgrade to the next program at any time
  • Up-front pricing — no hidden charges or fees
  • All-inclusive software program — optional plug-ins available
  • Multi-practice / provider ready
  • Network multi-user ready
  • Integrates easily with QuickBooks*
  • 100% HIPAA-Compliant
  • Patient relationship marketing feature*

*Click here to see a comparison chart for the complete listing of each program’s features.


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