Medical Claims Management and Billing

Running a practice necessitates extensive management of a number of processes and activities that may be ancillary yet very important. Medical claims management is one such activity that is tedious and extremely time-consuming. Not only does the medical claims and billing process entail compiling copious amounts of information from your database, it also needs you to ensure that the data is accurate in order to maintain claim validity.

The medical claims software or the claims payment software provides an easy solution to all of these problems and more. Designed after studying hundreds of practices across the globe, QuickPractice’s medical claim processing software can substantially accelerate your practice’s efficiency. The biggest advantage with a medical claims and billing software is that automated processing and collecting allows busy providers like you to concentrate on their primary work of providing patient care and take their minds off cumbersome, tedious processes involved in managing claims.

Some independent studies indicate that claims processing software can reduce fixed costs by an estimated 30-40%. On an average, the billing claim software can increase your bottom line by as much as 24%!

What are the important features medical claim processing software offers?

A fully loaded, professional health care management software that provides comprehensive support for all aspects of medical claims management, includes many important features such as:

  • Total Password Protection : Allow user level security password protection to restrict users to certain functions giving you complete control over your practice management.
  • Advanced Appointment Calendar Functions: Recurring, Find Next, & Waiting List are a few of the powerful features you’ll have in the Colorized Appointment Scheduler.
  • Batch Payment Entry: One Payment from Insurance Carrier to many Patients.
  • Memorized Transactions: Repeat visits are a snap with Memorized Transactions. Combine Charge & Payment Entries in a single one-step process.
  • Professional Patient Billing: QuickPractice’s claims processing software is a premium solution designed to maximize doctor billing functions & capability. Print Next Appointment, Record Patient Admin Note, and add Custom Billing Messages and more.
  • Professional Insurance Billing : The claims payment software maximizes your Medical Claims, Billing Functions & capability allowing you to generate bills for specific Patient lists, Insurance carriers, Visit minimums and maximums, and even by treatment code.
  • Custom Reporting Tool : Have virtually any report at your fingertips with our easy-to-use Custom Report Generator.
  • Multiple Fee Scheduling : Allow each Procedure Code to remember different fees for different Case Types.
  • Credit Card Processing : When entering payments; automatically process VISA, Mastercard, etc via an established Merchant Account.

While the above provides only a partial listing of all the features a billing claim medical software can provide, it does give a very accurate portrayal of the unparalleled support the program can extend.

Medical claim billing software and HIPAA compliancy

Congress passed legislation to simplify healthcare administration called the Health Insurance and Portability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). In August 1997, this act became law and calls for the electronic transmission of integral financial and administrative transactions, including medical claims and billing, electronic claims processing, eligibility, and payment and remittance advice.

This makes sure that information is protected against loss, destruction, tampering and unauthorized use. Ensuring the privacy of these records during electronic transmission requires software used for activities like medical claims management to securely encode the transmitted records thereby preventing unauthorized personnel from obtaining patient information. HIPAA applies to all health care providers who send or receive patient information or claims by electronics means like the medical claims software. Therefore, it affects insurance companies and clearinghouses as well as health care providers.

Essentially, HIPAA improves the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare by standardizing the interchange of electronic data for specified administrative and financial transactions. QuickPractice has been prompt in making all of its services and products, including the medical claims software, HIPAA compliant and conforms to the most recent rules and regulations. It makes sure that any service or product offered (e.g. billing claim medical software) is incorporated with the latest standards on a timely basis.