Want the best solution to manage a doctor billing ?

As a successful healthcare provider, you may be dealing with a substantial daily burden of billing that typically involves many hours of manually sorting and generating bills. You may even be concentrating more energy on such ancillary, yet important activities, leaving you lesser time to concentrate on the primary mission of patient care.

Though you may be used to your current methodology and may not have considered other technology options, what you really need is a competent billing-management system that ensures efficient operations and reduced overhead.

At QuickPractice.com, we have been keenly studying the different processes involved in providing professional healthcare services and have created specific technologies and software that can help you maximize your operational efficiency. Products like the doctor billing software can help you to automate your billing operations and act as a powerful, flexible and very reliable tool.

The innovative, state-of-the-art doctor billing software takes the headaches out of issuing doctor bills and is designed and programmed to fit any medical needs. Available in different versions (Standard, Deluxe and Professional) created to suit your budget, the efficient doctor billing system provides an extensive list of specialized features. Some of the features included are:

  • Quick-Charge Entry System with functions like ‘Recall Last Visit’
  • Quick-Payment Entry System for complete control to apply payments to specific procedures
  • Patient Super Bills that enable you to generate Patient (Super) Bills or 30/60/90 Patient Statements
  • Quick payment receipts for patients on demand
  • Showing transactions for Pat/Ins/Both
  • Specifying any date range
  • Showing balance forwarding
  • Managing insurance billing (insert pre-printed HCFA-1500 forms or let QuickPractice print the form for you)
  • Daysheet Reporting (see per patient totals for charges, billings, payments and write-offs)
  • Accounts Receivable Reporting (see per patient Accounts Receivable totals including 30/60/90/Over 90 columns)
  • Codes Management: QuickPractice allows you to organize and maintain Diagnosis, Procedure, Dispensing, Place of Service, Type of Service, & Modifier Codes giving you full control over adding or changing them.
  • Lists Management: Lists of Referring Providers, Insurance Carriers, Occupations, Claim Types.

The QuickPractice.com’s doctor billing software includes many additional features to help you with faster data entry, lookups and overall billing. You can directly visit us or chat with us online to get an in-depth look at our software and to choose the version most suited for your practice.

Not sure how the software will work for you? Well, go ahead and sign up for the 30-Day Trial Period and experience first hand the unmatched convenience of our doctor billing software. Lay all your worries about installation and training at rest, as our team from QuickPractice will ably guide you through the process of installation and provide free training to your staff during the trial period.

The user-friendly interface, simple-to-use features and ample visual help make it easy for new users to navigate the doctor billing software and allow a smooth transition to an automated, paperless work environment for your office. Even after the installation, sales support will be made available to you Monday to Friday from 9am – 7pm. Our helpline will connect you to a technician to tackle any technical issue you may come across. QuickPractice also provides support through emails around the clock and guarantees prompt response to any query you may have regarding our software or services. In fact, as part of our All Inclusive Support Plan, we provide you with our all-powerful QuickConnect Service that ensures you get technical assistance in real-time to help resolve any problem the moment it crops up. It’s like having a professional tech support team right in your office!

Apart from providing you an unlimited state-of-the-art technical support from our friendly staff, our All Inclusive Support Plan also makes sure that your staff and your doctor billing software are kept updated with respect to changes taking place in the medical field. In addition, as our client, you NEVER have to pay for software upgrades. This means that as a QuickPractice client you receive the latest version of QuickPractice with every release, automatically, FREE – saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

With so many features and reliable support packed in one powerful doctor billing software, all you need is to pick up the phone and install it right away! After all, an efficient practice directly translates into more time to concentrate on the optimal mission of patient care, and consequently, an efficient and prospering practice.