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What can you expect from QuickPractice?

  • Deliver higher-quality patient care.
  • Reduce cash flow nightmares.
  • Eliminate repetitive paperwork.
  • Accomplish more without hiring more.
  • Improve cash flow & efficiency.
  • Increase productivity & profits!

Reduce your claims payment time from several months
to 7-14 days with our optional e-billing services.

QuickPractice is your efficiency expert.
Helping you get paid faster is just one way QuickPractice chiropractic software makes life easier for your busy practice. Our job is to scrutinize every possible way our software can simplify the time-consuming, routine tasks of your practice so that you can accomplish more in less time with less overhead.

QuickPractice is loaded with unique benefits:

  • Our 30-Day Free Trial includes free staff training!
  • Easy-to-understand, intuitive and logical program. You’ll use it confidently from the very beginning.
  • In-house affordable customer support – not overseas
  • Optional Integrated clearinghouse
  • On-line “QuickCONNECT” support and self-paced tutorials

Enjoy these powerful QuickPractice features*:

  • Standard, Deluxe or Professional programs – choose the perfect software for your practice
  • Up-front pricing — no hidden charges or fees
  • All-inclusive software program — optional plug-ins available
  • Integrates easily with QuickBooks*
  • Integrated Appointment Calendar*
  • 100% HIPAA-Compliant
  • Patient relationship marketing feature*
  • Multi-practice / provider ready
  • Network multi-user ready

*Click here to see a comparison chart for the complete listing of each program’s features.

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Enjoy free staff training during your trial period

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From the 2,000+ users of our practice management/billing software,

What do our Chiropractors say about QuickPractice?

“Training sessions helped get a clearer understanding of how to make the program flow. The busy routine of checkout necessitates quick, smooth transitions from screen-to-screen in order to get patients on their way. It was helpful to learn the concept of working from the patient info screen to help facilitate this.”

Mary, Office Manager

Brattleboro Naturopathics
Brattleboro VT

QuickPractice has enhanced our financial processing and has positively contributed to the gracious atmosphere of this office. QuickPractice helps and follows through on their promises. Their service and software is wonderful.”

Camilla, Office Manager

D&R Chiropractic
Stoney Point, NY

“It is exactly what I need! This will enable me to take a much more realistic look at my practice. THANK YOU for being so responsive!!! I very much appreciate it.”

Dr. Bruce Oran

New York, NY

“I wanted to let you know that I have reviewed many practice management software programs and, head-to-head, nothing compares with QuickPractice. It is easy to use and learn, very economical, and supported by a great team. A fantastic program with everything an office could want to run efficiently. QuickPractice is great for both start-ups or any practice wanting to upgrade their software.”

Dennis Cockrum, D.C.

Back in Health Chiropractic
Coeur D'Alene, ID

“Tech support is wonderful. They have always taken care of us with any problem that has come up (which is always stress relieving during the times you want to blow up your computer!)”

Lori Bents, D.C. & Mary, C.A.

Bents Chiropractic
Marshfield, WI

“The training is very good – just the right amount of time and information to absorb in one day.”

Dr. Cynthia Poppell

Poppell Chiropractic
Aiken, SC

“Thank you so much. Because of you guys and your really good tech support, we solved a glitch in our system. I was pulling my hair out because of all the delays in our payments and [company name deleted] was absolutely no help whatsoever. We spent over 3 hours trying to figure it out and then thought that maybe QuickPractice would have a solution. Your tech support was absolutely wonderful and in 5 minutes they had the problem solved and I really, really appreciated it. I’m so glad I went with you guys, and I hope you get praise like this all the time. I absolutely, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, appreciate you guys. Thanks a lot.”

Dr. Froehle

Eagle Valley Chiropractic
Wabashaw, MN

“The most efficient, friendly software I’ve ever used! In today’s world of computer / software technology, it’s rare to find a company that embodies 3 key components to their success… Product, Service and Price! QuickPractice has been my one and only chiropractic software company for over 15 years. They have been and continue to be committed to their clients’ growth and well-being. Thank you QuickPractice for your dedication to the chiropractic profession.”

Dr. Lawrence G. Stern

Stern Chiropractic and Wellness
Mt. Kisco, NY

QuickPractice has a wonderful support group who are very professional, always available, and willing to help.”

E. Van Sickle

Highland Chiropractic Family Care
Worcester, MA