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  • Deliver higher-quality patient care.
  • Reduce cash flow nightmares.
  • Eliminate repetitive paperwork.
  • Accomplish more without hiring more.
  • Improve cash flow & efficiency.
  • Increase productivity & profits!

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QuickPractice is your efficiency expert.
Helping you get paid faster is just one way QuickPractice software makes life easier for your busy practice. Our job is to scrutinize every possible way our software can simplify the time-consuming, routine tasks of your practice so that you can accomplish more in less time with less overhead.

QuickPractice is loaded with unique benefits:

  • Our 30-Day Free Trial includes free staff training!
  • Easy-to-understand, intuitive and logical program. You’ll use it confidently from the very beginning.
  • In-house affordable customer support – not overseas
  • Optional Integrated clearinghouse
  • On-line “QuickCONNECT” support and self-paced tutorials

Enjoy these powerful QuickPractice features*:

  • Standard, Deluxe or Professional programs – choose the perfect software for your practice
  • Up-front pricing — no hidden charges or fees
  • All-inclusive software program — optional plug-ins available
  • Integrates easily with QuickBooks*
  • Integrated Appointment Calendar*
  • 100% HIPAA-Compliant
  • Patient relationship marketing feature*
  • Multi-practice / provider ready
  • Network multi-user ready

*Click here to see a comparison chart for the complete listing of each program’s features.


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You would think that, after 19 years of developing practice management software and helping over 2,000 practices across the country enjoy its many benefits, that we would be content with our product. The truth is, we are very proud of QuickPractice, but we’ll never be content with it. We will always look for better ways to simplify the time-consuming and routine tasks of your practice. We will always monitor changes in the mental health industry and update the software to accommodate them. We will always do our very best to help you deliver exceptional patient care and accomplish even more in less time with less overhead.

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