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Patient Services

QuickCalls runs completely unattended - absolutely no system administration required. Your staff can focus on more valuable initiatives while QuickCalls takes care of itself, making calls and writing reports.
Appointment Reminders
Clinically validated studies show a significant decrease in 'no-shows' when patients are reminded of their appointments with an automated messaging system. Result? Increased revenues, more productive staff, and healthier patients. QuickCalls can remind patients of their appointment time and date, pre-appointment procedures, and any other information you specify. It can leave messages on answering machines, reschedule appointments, and accept appointment confirmations.
Patient Surveys
QuickCalls lets you quickly design customized, automated surveys. The system can cost-effectively call thousands of patients. Patients answer questions by pushing numbers on their phone or by speaking their responses. Formats include multi-point scales, yes/no responses, multiple-choice, and quantitative data. Free-form surveys can ask patients for comments, and patient information, such as primary insurance carrier, can be collected. The survey results can then be electronically transferred to a server for statistical analysis.
Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Eliminate Employee Hours on Phone
  • Save Countless Dollars
    per Month
  • No Hardware to Buy
  • No Software to Buy
  • No Maintenance
  • Automated Reporting

Only $17.95 per month!

Unlimited calls

One Time Set-Up Only $95!