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Enhance the Financial Strength of Your Practice with QuickBilling Electronic Billing Services!

QuickBilling makes your electronic claims processing easier, faster, and more profitable for your practice.
E-billing becomes one easy step, just click and watch as QuickPractice does all the work. All Versions of QuickPractice come with a QuickBilling option - there is no need to purchase extra software.

Try out the full version for 30 days Free Electronic Billing Services - CD Trial
Free Staff Training during "Trial Period"

Direct Benefits of QuickBilling Electronic Billing Services

  • Fast payment of claims (3-4 months reduced to 7-14 days)
  • No charge for re-submissions*
  • Get paid on more claims by reducing errors
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce clerical and administrative costs.
  • No staff training required, just click and QuickPractice does all the work.
  • Those purchasing the QuickBilling feature receive an automatic monthly discount on our All Inclusive Support Plan
  • Unlimited commercial claims for one low monthly fee per provider (includes electronic billing support).
    * Commercial Claims only.

Send Unlimited Commercial Claims
Toll Free
Premium Office Packages; Includes Service & Support
QuickBilling Plan Monthly Price
2 Providers
99.99 21¢ Unlimited ONLY 43¢

Facts about E-Billing

  • E-Billing reduces payment turn-around time by shortening the payment cycle.
  • E-Billing formats are now approved and mandated by Congress.
  • E-Billing can reduce average errors to less than 2% by filing claims electronically.
Paper claims contain errors, which reduces payment turn-around time. 30 to 35% of all paper claims are rejected due to typing errors, oversights and other mistakes. QuickPractice submits electronically to the carrier via your Internet connection after being checked for accuracy by the Clearinghouse. This process reduces the average rejection rate from 30-35% to 1-2%.

The American Medical Association conducted a study which estimated that the cost of filing a claim was an average of $6-$12 dollars. Compare this to using QuickPractice for one low monthly price per provider for unlimited commercial claims.

Congress has passed legislation to simplify healthcare administration called the
Health Insurance and Portability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). In August 1997, this act became law and calls for the electronic transmission of integral financial and administrative transactions, including billing, electronic claims processing, eligibility, and payment and remittance advice.

For more information about HIPAA from our site click here.
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