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What is HIPAA and Why is it so important?

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is a United States regulation that gives patients greater access to their own medical records and more control over how their personally identifiable health information is used. The regulation also addresses the obligations of healthcare providers and health plans to protect health information.

HIPAA is intended to reduce the costs and administrative burdens of health care by standardizing electronic transmission of many administrative and financial transactions (including billing, electronic claims processing, eligibility, and payment and remittance advice) that are currently carried out manually on paper.

These rules guarantee that patient information is provided ONLY after the patient has authorized its release. Ensuring the privacy of these records during electronic transmission requires software to securely encode the transmitted records thereby preventing unauthorized personnel from obtaining patient information.

The following information must comply under HIPAA rules:

  • Health care claims

  • Health care records

  • Health care payment and remittance advice

  • Coordination of benefits

  • Health care claims status

  • Enrollment or disenrollment in a health care plan

  • Eligibility in a health plan

  • Health plan premium payments

  • Referral certification and authorization

  • First report of injury

HIPAA applies to all health care providers who send or receive patient information or claims by electronics means. In general, the act covers entities such as health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and healthcare providers that conduct certain financial and administrative transactions electronically, and hence, are legally obligated to comply with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Compliancy and QuickPractice

QuickPractice has been prompt in making sure that all it's services and products are HIPAA compliant and conform to the most recent rules and regulations. Service and support is available with the purchase of your QuickPractice product thus eliminating costly mistakes and personnel. QuickPractice is the only software you need to maintain HIPAA compliance. We make sure that all practice management solutions we offer are incorporated with the latest standards and updated on a timely basis.

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Creating Fault-Free Form HCFA-1500 in Minutes with QuickPractice

The HCFA1500 is a Health Insurance Claim Form and, is sometimes referred to as the AMA (American Medial Association) form or the CMS-1500. The standard insurance form is used to file insurance claims across the country. CMS-1500 addresses the needs of many health insurers and is used to verify / determine a number of things like; does the Medicare patient have other coverage that must be billed before Medicare payment, or is there a Medigap policy under which payments are made to a participating physician or supplier, etc.

As is evident, the fault-free filling up of the HCFA1500 is an important, albeit tedious process and providers usually spend countless hours and dollars (in skilled work force) every month in ensuring timely generation and mailing of accurately filled out HCFA 1500 forms. Even a minor faulty health insurance or personal detail could result in rejection.

QuickPractice addresses all the above issues by intelligently programming its electronic billing software to take care of fault-free filing of details in the HCFA1500. Not only does this save you going through sheaves of paper to find specific information, it also saves hours in filing and checking data.

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QuickPractice is steadily growing as one of the most recognized brands across the country and is helping practices effectively automate a host of daily chores like medical claims management, physician billing, electronic insurance billing etc. At QuickPractice, we also make sure that all our medical practice management solutions comply with all the pre-requisites listed under HIPAA / HCFA to ensure absolute legal compliance.

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