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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What version of QuickPractice will I get for my trial period?
  2. You will get to use the fully-functional Professional Version. When you purchase the software after the trial period, we will send you a serial number to unlock QuickPractice to the version you purchased.

  3. Will QuickPractice work on my version of Windows®?
  4. Currently we support all versions of Windows® since Windows® 95 including 98/NT/2000/ME.

  5. If there is an upgrade available for my version of QuickPractice, will I be able to upgrade for free?
  6. Yes! If you have purchased QuickSupport, our All-Inclusive Service & Support Plan, all future upgrades of QuickPractice - as well as numerous other services - will be completely free!

  7. Can I continue using the data I create during the trial period?
  8. Yes! Your data is completely intact and ready for use with any version of QuickPractice.

  9. Once I've started using QuickPractice, can I upgrade to the Deluxe or Professional versions and continue using the data I have already created?
  10. Absolutely! Any version of QuickPractice can use the data from any other version of QuickPractice. If you would like to upgrade call us at 1-800-676-EASY or email us at

  11. Can I convert data from my current program to QuickPractice?
  12. Yes. For a fee, we will convert names, addresses and phone numbers from your current program to QuickPractice. In most cases we can also transfer insurance information. Financial data cannot be converted. Please call our sales department at 1-800-676-3279 for the specific details regarding you current program.