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Benefits & Features

The Best Medical Billing Service Software at the Best Price

Founded in 1988, QuickPractice has been helping medical practices automate their operations and navigate the challenging waters of practice management workflow for nearly 20 years.

QuickPractice provides quick and cost-effective healthcare software solutions, making it easier for doctors to control their practices with specialized tools. These competitively priced solutions enable practices of all sizes and needs to capitalize on the latest in software-based practice management.

Medical Billing Software has been created to promote informed decision-making, increased efficiency and ultimately higher quality patient care.

Key Benefits of QuickPractice

  1. Customized & Cost-effective Solutions: Available in three different versions- Standard, Deluxe and Professional, our billing medical software can be tailored to suit different practice sizes and needs. If the Standard or Deluxe Version fits your present budget, you can always upgrade to a higher version with more features as you start reaping the monetary benefits of our unique medical billing software.

  2. All Inclusive Support Plan: Unlimited state-of-the-art technical support from our friendly staff to help you tackle any issue.

  3. E-Services: Keeping the healthcare community in mind, e-service features have been exclusively designed to deliver secure, powerful, reliable, high quality, real-time support. It is almost like having a software technician in your office, ensuring a fruitful and fast support experience.

  4. QuickBooks: QuickPractice electronic solutions even transfers your acquired payments directly into your QuickBooks checking /income account, eliminating DDE (double data entry), minimizing errors, and saving countless time and money for your practice.

  5. Comprehensive Customer Service: QuickPractice stays current with the ever-changing frontier of the health care industry; our research and development team often leave off the s in incorporate our client's feedback and suggestions in our periodic version releases.

  6. Free Upgrades: As a part of our QuickPractice service and support package, we keep your software updated with the latest features. You receive the latest version of QuickPractice with every release, automatically FREE - saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

  7. Free 30-Day Trial: We provide you with the option of trying out the full version of our billing electronic medical software FREE by signing up for our 30-day Free Trial. Our team will train your staff FREE during the trial period as well.
Headquartered in New York City, QuickPractice has a highly trained team to provide you with comprehensive customer service, efficient technical after sales support. Needless to mention, our responsiveness and value- for- money solutions set us far apart from our competition as a premier software development company.

Primary Features of the Billing Management Medical Software

QuickPractice's medical practice accounting software takes care of a wide range of needs pertaining to the practitioners' daily list of office chores. Apart from helping you with activities like scheduling visits, maintaining health care data for each patient, etc., the software also provides sophisticated financial and statistical reporting, helping you monitor, evaluate and build your practice.

Take a quick look at some of the unique features of your physician practice management software can deliver:

  • Multiple Fee Scheduling based on case type or carrier information

  • Quick-Charge Entry System with time-saving functions like 'Recall Last Visit'

  • Quick-Payment Entry System for complete control to apply payments to specific procedures

  • Quick payment receipts for patients on demand

  • Generate Patient Bills or Statements showing transactions for Patient, Insurance or Both.

  • Insurance Billing Management: Use pre-printed CMS1500 forms or let QuickPractice print the form for you.

  • Daysheet Reporting with patient totals for charges, billings, payments and write-offs based on your specifications (provider/date range)

  • Accounts Receivable Reporting (see per patient Accounts Receivable totals including 30/60/90/Over 90 columns)

  • Codes Management: QuickPractice allows you to organize and maintain Diagnosis, Procedure, Dispensing, Place of Service, Type of Service, & Modifier Codes giving you full control over adding or changing them.

  • Lists Management: Lists of Referring Providers, Insurance Carriers, Occupations, Claim Types.

  • Completely HIPAA compliant to ensure that all the important data is encrypted and safe.

  • Get in touch with us by calling the toll free number 1-800-676-3279 or Chat with our representative for the quickest way to sample our affordable medical billing software and discover the best way to create an efficient, more profitable office! Sign Up for our 30-Day Free Trial Today!