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"The Quickest, Easiest Way to
Manage your Entire Practice!"

This is exactly what users say time and time again and it is exactly what gives QuickPractice its present day success. We focus on making it less complex for doctors to control their practices by providing them with the tools they need. QuickPractice provides quick and cost-effective solutions to enable practices of all sizes to capitalize on the latest in software-based practice management.

Founded in 1988, PracticePro is an IT developer which has invested over 14 years in the research and design of practice management software and has gained users nationwide. We update our Medical office software regularly by monitoring client needs, changes in computer technology, healthcare regulations and office management techniques. This constant research, development and programming will keep PracticePro ahead of the industry.

Our comprehensive customer service, technical support and responsiveness set us far apart from our competition as a premier software development company. QuickPractice also offers specialized expertise in Electronic Claims Submission.

Presently PracticePro is developing the “next generation” of our practice management software, Project Jericho. Project Jericho is currently being developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and will use MS SQL Server 2k5/2k8 for the back end. This software is being targetted specifically for windows Vista and Windows 7.

QuickPractice is headquartered in New York, NY.