Printing Your Insurance Claims to a Text File

Print to file is a way for you to print your claims to a file on your computer's hard drive, which can then be uploaded to a clearinghouse at a later time. This feature is used by practice's who upload their insurance claims to a third party clearinghouse not contracted by QuickPractice.

Before you can use the print to file feature, it must be properly configured within QuickPractice preferences.

To configure print to file:

1. Click File and the select Practice Information.

2. From the Practice Information screen, click on the Preferences button at the bottom of the screen.

3. The Preferences window will appear. Navigate to the Insurance Billing tab. The following window will appear.

4. Next to the blank field labeled Text File, click the Browse button. A Windows dialogue will appear.

5. Navigate to the location on your computer that you wish to save the text file in. By default, the software opens the QuickPractice folder inside your Windows program files.

6. You may chose any file name that you wish, but make sure to place a .TXT after that name you pick.

7. Leave the Save As Type filed set to QuickPractice Claim (*.QPC) and click Save.

8. Print to file has now been configured. Your preferences screen should resemble the screenshot below.


To generate and save claims to the location you have specified, do the same as you would when you print paper claims, only this time selecting Print To File before clicking the Start button on the Insurance Billing window.