Transferring Balances

Before or after applying payments, you may wish to transfer balances from the patient responsibility to the insurance, or vice versa. This transaction is typically used whenever an insurance or patient is over or under charged.

To transfer a patient balance to the insurance or vice verse, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Payments tab within a selected patient file. Click the Add button. Or, you may click the   "QuickLink" at the top of your screen.

2. For the Payment Method chose either Transfer to Patient or Transfer to Insurance.

3. Type in the amount of the balance you wish to transfer.

4. Select the desired date to be linked to the transfer transaction.

5. As with normal payments, it is advised that you use the memo when entering transfers. Type in the description you wish to use in the Memo field.

6. Next to the individual service line, type in the amount of the balance you wish to transfer into the blank Apply field.

7. If you have correctly applied each transfer amount, you should see check marks next to each affected service line.

8. Click the Record button.

9. Depending on the transfer type you selected, one balance should decrease as the other increases, both by the amount you specified in step 3.

10. If you do not wish to enter any more payments, transfers or writes-offs, click the Leave button to exit to patient screen.