The Daysheet Report

In simple terms, the Daysheet is a summary of the day's activities. This report is useful to your practice in many ways. It can be used to keep track of all the patients who are entered into QuickPractice; it can be used as a check for all financial transactions of a particular day; etc. 

To generate a Daysheet for a particular day, or even for a range of dates, follow the steps below:

1. From the Reports menu, choose Daysheet. The blank report will be displayed.

2. This report provides various options. From the drop down menu you can choose to view data that was entered within a bracket any one of the automatic dating options specify -- such as This Week-to-date or "Last-Year-to-Date." From the Filters screen, you can chose to specify a more specific date range by choosing to view data that falls within the To and From dates you pick by using the calendar function. Also, from the Filters screen, you can view data relevant to the Patient, Provider or Case Type you specify.

3. Click the Print button to print out a copy of the report.