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Welcome to our new QuickPractice Family Member Jack Paul Tupaz Brakemeier

Born January 5th 2005; weight 7pounds 9oz. we were blessed to have this beautiful boy become part of our QuickPractice family. We congratulate & pray for many blessings upon him and his parents Brett and Suzette.

We also congratulate Phil & Karen, Gary and Cecelia on their Expecting in June and August.

Jack Paul Tupaz Brakemeier

& Welcome

We also want to welcome our newest support technician Ronald Dioquino. Ronald graduated from Queens College in 2003 with his bachelors in CIS. We look foward to the support and enhancements he will bring to our orginazation.

QuickPractice Billing Change

QuickPractice is now going to process all your monthly billing at the first of each month. This will include all your charges for support as well as QuickBilling, including your charges for government and paper claims. If you would like a copy of your invoice, we will email it to you each month. Simply call 516-622-1992 to give accounting your email address.

Email All Your Patients

Quickpractice knows that keeping in contact with your patients is crucial. In todays information and technology age, people want to be informed ahead of time with the ability to make educated decisions. Thats why QuickPractice now allows you to send emails to all your patients at once. For those utilizing this features of our Professional Version, you can now click on your Entire Patient Marketing in your Marketing menu. Simply click Send Email and OK. QuickPractice will automatically start your email program. Add your message, and then send to all your clients. Please make sure you are connected to the internet before using this feature.

New QuickMenu's Added to QuickPractice

Now when you need some additional information regarding your insurance claims, simply right click on the claim to view that information.


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Are Computer Viruses Getting Worse-
Another Reason to use our Secure Quicksave Service

by Eric Maiwald, CISSP, Chief Technology Officer, Fortrex Technologies, Inc.
Provider by HIPPAdvisory

QUESTION: Viruses seem to be getting more dangerous in the last few months. Do you expect this trend to continue and what can be done to reduce the impact on my organization?

ANSWER: Your impression is absolutely correct and yes, I would expect the trend to continue. But, before I get too far into this answer, I would like to clear up a bit of terminology. There are actually three types of programs that we see causing problems:

• Viruses - a program that piggy backs on a legitimate program.
Examples are Melissa and Michelangelo.

• Worms - a program that executes on its own and uses its own code to spread.Examples are Code Red and SaAdmind.

• Trojan Horses - a program that pretends to be something it is not.
Examples are Anna Kournikova and ILOVEYOU.

Collectively these programs are called "malicious code." We are also beginning to see programs that exhibit characteristics of multiple categories. For example, Nimbda had characteristics of both a worm and a Trojan horse in that it spread by attacking web servers as well as by tricking users into opening an email attachment.

In the last few months we have seen these programs get more sophisticated and much more dangerous. For example, the Code Red worm damaged hundreds of thousands of systems in a very short time. The two most interesting programs (as far as sophistication and potential damage) are BadTrans, which captured keystrokes on user computers, and Goner, which disabled anti-virus software. Clearly, if we begin to see more programs like this, the potential for damage (especially loss of time and resources) is very high.

How can you reduce the impact of these programs on your organization? There are five primary tactics that together provide reasonable protection for your organization:
Use anti-virus software and keep the signatures updated. Keep in mind that signatures can come out very quickly in response to a new virus or worm and thus you should check for updates daily. Having the program automatically check for and then push out these updates helps a lot.

Check incoming and outgoing emails for malicious programs. There are a number of software packages that will check email attachments for worms and viruses as the mail comes into or goes out of the organization. These can prevent the initial infection even if the users don't update their signatures. Of course, this type of system does require the administrators to keep the email checking programs up to date.

Teach your users about malicious programs. The most important link in preventing viruses and Trojan horses is the user. The user must understand what not to do. They should know not to open attachments that they are not expecting.

Set up proper access control inbound and outbound through your firewalls. If rules are properly configured on your firewall, many worms can be prevented from spreading. For example, do not allow your web server to open outbound connections. This would prevent Code Red from spreading if your web server were infected.

Patch your systems to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. Some of the more recent worms are using new vulnerabilities in servers to spread. Keep the systems patched and you will reduce the likelihood that they will be successfully attacked.


Enhancing Our Service

QuickPractice is working hard to provide a complete QuickBilling service which will greatly assist our clients in getting thier claims paid. We are working hard in conjunction with the clearinghouse to make claims processing faster, easier, and more efficient so that you can get paid without major delays. Look for more information in upcoming newsletters as to the features and services that will be available to help enhance your claims payment process.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this newsletter feel free to contact us. Click Here

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