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Download 30 Day Trail Free!There are very good reasons why so many industries and services have already become more technology friendly. In a majority of industries, technology has proven to cut expenditures and increase staff productivity. For many medical practitioners, installing health care management software should offer benefits for both staff and patients.
Free Staff Training during Trial PeriodWith technology such as health care billing software, tasks in medical practices are being completed in less time and with efficient results. With the introduction of health claims payment software and health claims processing software, keeping a complete overview of patient records has become much easier. Large storage areas are no longer required to hold paper records and locating and storing data / files have become extremely simple.

At, various healthcare software packages include health claims processing software and health care billing software. All health care software packages have been designed to improve the working conditions and management system in every medical practice.

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QuickPractice is ready for the new HIPAA compliant CMS-1500 form which allows for the new National Provider ID (NPI) (Box 17), Service Facility Location Information (Box 32), and the Billing Provider Information (Box 33)

The CMS-1500 will be accepted by Medicare starting J anuary 2, 2007 and mandatory for all insurances starting April 2, 2007

Benefits & Features of Quick Practice

Not sure how the software will work for you? A number of hospitals and both urban and rural medical practices have already discovered the qualities / benefits that healthcare software has contributed to medical services.

  • Using an electronic ordering system medical errors have steadily declined since its induction. One hospital in Mountain View California issued 97% of all their medical orders through healthcare software.

  • With health care management software, many formalities can be performed electronically. An innovative Blood Testing Center in Chicago successfully reduced the cost of processing a blood test by 36%.

  • An independent medical practitioner in Salt Lake City has converted all his medical records to electronic format. His innovative use of technology allows him to type medial notes as he speaks with patients. This health care management software saves him 90 minutes each day in making notes, records, and an impressive $12,000 a year from transcribing medical records. 10-1 of his patients voted in favor of this system.

The promotion of health care software to all medical practices has been given an enthusiastic boost by the US Government. It is currently estimated that the introduction of health care software could potentially cut health costs by up to 25%.

QuickPractice health claims payment software and health claims processing software are suitable for use in any kind of medical practice or organization. If you are still unsure about deploying healthcare software for your practice, please to not hesitate to share your queries at 1-800-676-3279 (toll free). Contact Us Today!

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