Insurance Billing

Once charges are in place and have a "to bill" status, generating insurance claims requires very few steps as most of the work has been done while entering the patient, case, insurance and charge information.
Before you actually generate a claim, it is important to note that there are five different methods by which your QuickPractice software can generate CMS 1500 insurance bills. Be sure to study and understand what each of these methods are used for, before you actually create a claim.

  • CMS 1500 - The most basic way to print and send an insurance claim using QuickPractice. Claims will be printed onto a pre-formatted CMS-1500 form which you have purchased and loaded into your office printer. If you select this option without having loaded the pre-formatted forms, only black text will appear and the form will not be usable. To view the procedure for printing insurance claims, click here.
  • Blank Paper - Choosing this option prints not only the black text from patient info, case info, charges etc, but also the image of the CMS-1500 form itself. Some insurance carriers will accept claims generated in this manner, while others require that the claim is printed onto the pre-formatted form explained above. This feature is useful when printing claims for office record keeping purposes and proof of sales/charges/services.
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