QuickPracitce Marketing

The Professional version of QuickPractice features several marketing tools to help your practice keep in touch with different groups of patients as well as providers, guarantors, insurance carriers and more.

At the bottom of this section you will find a list of QuickPractice marketing tools, each with a brief description.

Use the instructions below as a general guide for using any one of the marketing tools included in the software.

1. From QuickPractice, click on the Marketing menu.

2. Select the desired marketing tool you wish to use. Example: chose Appointment Reminder. The following window will appear:

3. Select the appropriate date range - in this case, all patient's who have a scheduled appointment within the specified date range.

4. If you wish to limit the number of patient's included to those linked to a specific provider -- or in this case, a specific Appointment Resource -- place a check mark in the selective settings box at the bottom of the screen.

5. Place a check mark next to Use Guarantor As Applicable if you want to replace the patient's name with their guarantor's on the generated list.

6. Select the output format.

Note: QuickCall pending development.

7. To preview the list, click the Preview button. Otherwise, click OK to print the list in whatever output format you chose in previous step.