Custom Reports

Professional users of QuickPractice are able to access custom reports that are created and imported into your software by QuickPractice staff.

! IMPORTANT: Custom reports cannot be created or installed by anyone other than a QuickPractice support technician or program developer. Please contact our technical support line to inquire about obtaining custom reports.

Once you have had a custom report installed, follow directions below to access and use the report.

1. From the Reports menu chose Custom Reports.

2. The Custom Reports screen will appear.

3. From the drop down menu, select the desired report.

4. To run the report, click the Generate button.

5. Like the normal reports, custom reports also have various options. From the drop down menu you can choose to view data that was entered within a bracket any one of the automatic dating options specify -- such as This Week-to-Date or Last-Year-to-Date. From the Filters screen, you can chose to specify a more specific date range by choosing to view data that falls within the To and From dates you pick by using the calendar function. Also, from the Filters screen, you can view data relevant to the a particular Patient or Provider you specify.

6. To view the report in a format like that of the normal reports, click the Preview button after the report is generated.